I never raised you to live life "off the racks". You learned the importance of owning your own style and finding the establishments, organizations and individuals that brought out, dressed, and celebrated the true you...

A Swaggalicious Diva Extraordinaire!!!

Life is not a one size fits all, and it is hurtful to be called leftovers, outsiders or extra just because we don't meet the views of people. You encouraged me to find my "new normal" as I encouraged you to find your passions.  we were in each other's worlds growing into better versions of ourselves each day. I love the way you stepped into your being through fashion, poetry, and advocacy. Last year we ended this part of our journey as you went on to the next level. 

Now the journey is continued by taking your blueprint and encouraging others to love themselves and "style from within".

Living your legacy is #BiggerThanFashion

- Petrouchka LL. Moise, Mommie

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