2017 "Confident Curves"

The 2017 BTF Showcase is in honor of it's founder, Kaiya Smith. The theme of this year's event speaks to Kaiya's sense of self and confidence that was grounded in the direct and indirect mentorship that came throughout her life.  The show will be based on three of her poems to illustrate who she was and how she empowered others through emancipation, evolution, and revolution.

Deja Jones writes that "a mentoring relationship between women and girls encourages the breaking of stereotypes and helps to create a pathway to leadership...Young women, especially those in our urban communities, need positive female role models. Women who have overcome obstacles to become successful in their own lives and can share their testimony and support.  It is imperative for these girls to have examples of women who have gained strength by coming together to network, and for them to learn the importance of giving back."

In 2016, BTF promoted the creation of a body positive community. Now for its second year, BTF looks to connect our youth and women to the groups and organization around the East Baton Rouge area that supports the vision that Kaiya promoted through Bigger Than Fashion.  


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Feature 1

Emancipated through poetry and fashion, Kaiya liberated her mind of what society tried to impose as her parameter, as she surpassed our expectations as a youth and as a woman. Poetry made her voice be heard and fashion made her vision be seen.


Feature 2

Evolution is learning why and how we stand for ourselves, with others, and, eventually, for others. Kaiya understood that by recognizing the impact of the plus-size community would not only address the disparity in the fashion world, but also show how we needed to address the need for positive self-esteem. 


Feature 3

Revolution brings about change of the status quo.  Kaiya challenged all of us to be our better selves.  Reach behind and guide those who will follow, and remember those who gave their light so that we may find our way thru the darkness.