Designers from all over, emerging or seasoned professionals are invited to participate in the 2017 Bigger Than Fashion Memorial Showcase "Confident Curves". We would like your style to present an event of fashion, empowerment and inspiration.

Bigger than Fashion is not about the size of the clothing but about the size of the spirit within.  This event is in honor of Kaiya Smith and her work to create a body-positive community through fashion and poetry. "Confident Curves" will highlight 3 of Kaiya's poems as the looks to illustrate who she was and how she empowered others:

  1. "Rated M for Melanin" - Emancipation: designs are monochrome shades of brown from cream to dark chocolate
  2. "Fantasy was Better" - Evolution: designs are flirty and fun, pops of color to signify love
  3. "Blackout" - Revolution: chic designs of black and white.  

We would prefer that the designs be for size 10 and up, but it is not required. I am asking for all designers to complete no less than 2 and no more than 6 designs for any segment they choose to participate in. There will be a limit of 5 designers per segment.

  • Professional designers have a one time non-refundable $50 deposit to participate.
  • Student designers are required to pay a non-refundable $25 deposit.
  • FEE WAIVER will be given to designers sponsored by an organization participating with the showcase.

Designers collections must be production ready. Join us and be a part of this momentous event. 


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